Senin, 14 September 2009

Yaya Toure: Barca Team Complete

BARCELONA - Barcelona midfielder Yaya Toure boasted bandwagon late summer duel with Inter Milan in Group F qualifying round of the Champions League 2009/2010. He loudly called Los Azulgranas is a complete team and ready to attack anyone who is facing.

To combat the middle of next week, Toure said that Barca will play as usual. Yes, they will appear with the pattern of attack because only this way that they know.

"Barca is a team that can not play in the back area. We are a complete team, so it was fitting to play possession football," he exclaimed as disitat Goal, Monday (14/9/2009).

Weeks ago the majority of Barca players with national team perform their respective countries. Well, sort of conditions that directly led to doubts about the fitness of the players, but Toure immediately brushed it off.

"Barca are a great team where each always have the majority of players left when there was a call from the League. It was hard enough to restore power, but lucky we still have a few days for recovery," said the Ivory Coast players were

Benitez: Benayoun Worthy So Example

LIVERPOOL - You must know who is now a warm conversation in the Liverpool camp. Yes, he certainly is Yossi Benayoun, the Israeli midfielder was flooded with compliments, one from the coach Rafael Benitez.

Liverpool Benayoun became superstars in the Premier League action continued last weekend when he scored against Burnley in Hattrick. Proud of the achievements that foster children, Rafa (Benitez calls) immediately called the former West Ham player as an example figure.

Rafa asks the other players to act like Benayoun who knows how to win a role in the main squad.

"The way to get a position in the core team is to continue to fight, I think Benayoun is understood that," says Rafa as reported by Goal, Monday (14/9/2009).

"Before the game Yossi had a chance to discuss with me, he asked to play in order to prove his ability. Now he's done very well," close the former Valencia coach Read More SPORT UPDATE

United Must Learn from Barca

MANCHESTER - Manchester United have bitter memories, lost in the Champions League final last season. For that, the coach Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed that foster children have to forget that dark memory when a visit to Istanbul to face Besiktas in the first leg qualifier Group B Champions League, Wednesday (16/9/2009) early morning pm.

Barcelona became a nightmare United last season. Spanish club successful parenting Pep Guardiola took the previous championship crown girded United, after winning 2-0 at the Stadio Olimpico Rome, May. This defeat would leave sad and deep trauma for the retainer to the Red Devils.

However, in the fight against Besiktas in Bjk İnönü Stadium, Fergie asks foster children to forget the trauma. Scottish coach was actually suggested that foster children make up Barcelona's defeat as a lesson that in order not to repeat such mistakes last season.

"You can look for a reason and apologize. However, always better if we see no reason why we lost (from Barcelona-ed)," said Fegie as cited yahoosports, Monday (14/9/2009).

"We have a good reason. So we do not have to worry about thinking about it. We have a valid reason to continue to grow. I think this problem will soon be completed and they (players) must also think the same," he added.

Confirmed the readiness of his team playing under the pressure of fanatical supporters Besiktas, Fergie replied casually. According to him, ready or not, foster children should be able to serve Besiktas game.

"I am very impressed with the fanaticism here (Besiktas-ed). Stadium remain full even though the match was held at 12:00 o'clock noon. This is a wonderful thing, how they can be fanatical like that, but we must always be prepared for this situation, "coach close this year 67.

Giggs To Keep Making Goals

MANCHESTER - Ryan Giggs scored a goal as Manchester United crushed Horspur Tottenham 3-1. Veteran winger proud and want to continue to dedicate a goal for the Red Devil.

Yes, Giggs scored in the history of duels against Tottenham. He became the only player who can score goals in the Premier League every season. It is his 149th goal for United Giggs.

That means, Giggs just need one more goal to equal the record of the club owned by former bomber Ruud van Nistelrooy, who belong to the list of top scorer in the history of United.

"I am proud that I can score a goal in every Premier League competition. But I hope it's not my last goals for this season. I want to keep scoring goals," said Giggs cited eurosports, Monday (14/9/2009).

Winger from Wales added: "I did not used to score a lot, but I will try to score important goals. Perhaps goal against Tottenham is one of them."

This season, many doubted the power of United since left Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez. However, Giggs tried to convince the Red Devils remain formidable even without the presence of these two players.

"We are already losing Cristiano and Carlos. But we are still a lot of great players at this club and it gives you confidence when facing a team like the Spurs and get the results you deserve," he said.

Senin, 31 Agustus 2009

President Juve: I Am Not the Enemy Inter

Turin - Juventus and Inter Milan scudetto-winning a candidate. Despite the tight competition, Juve president Cobolli Gigli did not want to say Inter as the enemy.

Gigli still maintain the values of sportsmanship. Competition in the field may be hot, but the professional relationship should be upheld by the high Gigli.

"There is no doubt Inter is the team to beat, and this proves the game yesterday," said Gigli told Sky Sports, Monday (31/8/2009).

"I saw the devastating team. Inter have restructured themselves more this year and this is clearly the direction of a competent coach," so on.

"I'm not the enemy of Inter, Juventus fans me. The word" enemy "is too hard and in football should not be there," he concluded. Read More SPORT UPDATE

No wonder Everton Win

LIVERPOOL - Everton 2-1 win over Wigan Athletic in the third week action Premier League. A victory is worth according to David Moyes.

The Blues coach did not doubt the team obtained the victory charge at Goodison Park. The end result really thinks fit for the Toffees, despite winning "only" achieved through a gift goal umpire.

"This game is tough. Wigan made it hard for us, but I think we controlled most of the game, making a lot of chances and we were always on top," said Moyes Everton site was launched on Monday (31.8.2009).

"I think a lot of people surprised when Wigan's first winner. But if you do not take a chance, your opponent can always score goals and they do it, and even almost scored a second, if I may be honest, because the (opportunity) they foiled the pole," continued .

"But if we fail to win anything, we can off the court with his head held high because we clearly controlling the game. We deserved to win, and from what I see, the penalty is the right thing," Moyes close

Juventus and Inter Milan are better than Roma

ROME - AS Roma suffered two defeats in Serie A. The opening match Also experienced a sense of inferior players. Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi not hesitate assess Juventus and Inter Milan are better than his team.

De Rossi was not too optimistic about the struggle of Rome in the arena of Serie A. Assessment is appropriate when referring to the fact that a large gap between the Roma, Juventus and Inter.

"I see it differently than last year. Our lack of concentration and we were lucky. We made mistakes and we did not play well. Every time we made mistakes, scored a direct opponent is created," said De Rossi as reported by Channel-4, Monday (31 / 8 / 2009).

"Now we have to start getting points. Starting from Siena, in a field where we always have problems. There is tension in the club and it does not help, but there is a stronger team than us," he continued.

"What is clear, Juventus and Inter are the strongest, but that does not mean we will not provide the best against them," he said.